Ryan Fox

WRUL mornings

Ryan loves being on the radio. Not a day goes by that he does not consider himself blessed to have grown up in and around the radio business. His family once owned stations, and he has worked in radio since age 11. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with his lovely wife Amber and his is new baby boy Luke. You'll also find him taking in new movies, and watching college football. Ryan enjoys attending church, spending time with family and friends, and wrestling with his fun-loving beagle-terrier, Max. He's a big fan of everything 'pop culture', and it goes without saying Ryan LOVES Country Music!


Middays on WRUL

Dakota & Tucker

Dakota loves America, golden retrievers, and Little Debbie Snack Cakes. Not to mention Country Music! Having grown up in a tiny Oregon lakeside town, she knows what it’s like to go nuts, living out in The Sticks. She also appreciates that, out of all musicians, country artists make an effort to look attractive. Yep, she’s that shallow.
Dakota has no cake-eating dwarves at home (kids), nor a spousal unit; but she does have a young orchid named Cleo, currently in full bloom. When she’s not on the air, Dakota moonlights as a Countdown Specialist: handling numbers 16 through 10. She plays Texas Hold ‘Em in her spare time, but is so bad at it that she gets taco sauce all over the cards; and loses so much, she has to pay people in turquoise jewelry.

The Rush Hour Rodeo with Mike Erwin

Monday through Friday 2p - 6p on 97.3 WRUL

Mike cranks out your requests weekdays from 2p - 6p on the Tri State Boomer. We had a feeling the Rush Hour Rodeo would be a good show, but we had no idea it would have the impact it has, becoming one of the Tri State's favorite shows. Mike keeps the tunes coming (the songs that people request...imagine that, a radio station that actually plays what the listeners call in and say they wanna hear - what a concept!!!) and he also tosses in information that matters to the audience, throws in funny comments and does it all still making sure the show is fit for listeners of all ages. Tune in...and phone in your request too! Call toll free 1 - 800 - 700 - WRUL (9785). Mike would love to hear from you (as long as you're not a drunk uncle)!

WRUL Evenings/Weekends/Fill ins

Dusty Stewart 

Dusty's old. He's been in radio since it had tubes. He spent the best years of his young life parked in front of an old RCA Victor cabinet radio listening to his local country station and trying to figure out how they did that "radio magic". He is still a great student of theatre of the mind. He went to school to learn to be a dj and then began the long arduous task of convincing some unsuspecting Program Director to put him on the air. Luckily he was proof of the P.T. Barnum quote... something about one being born every minute. From there on he's been dropped from several respectable radio stations around the country. He grew up on country music and continues to love it, even to the point of trying to write it, and sing it...trying.


Biscuit could not manage to keep his mouth shut at home or in school so it only made sense to set his sights on radio. From getting paid just to monitor the radio equipment, to promotional work, to producing then to becoming an on-air personality Biscuit has been involved in almost every aspect of radio all out of the pure fascination and love he has for music and radio. Biscuit loves interacting and entertaining people and truly believes he was born to make people smile and laugh so radio will always be a part of his life.

Penny Mitchell

Penny Mitchell has been completely fascinated by the medium ever since she figured out the radio in her mother’s car didn’t have teeny little inch-high musicians hiding behind the dial.  She’s from a long line of medical professionals and went into nursing upon graduating from high school. The thought of going into radio never even remotely crossed her mind, mostly because she had never heard a woman on the air. While in nursing school at Colorado State University/Pueblo she heard the new morning person at KILO FM and it was…a woman. The proverbial lightbulb went off.  And lo, the world suddenly had one less nursing student and one more radio person. Penny's parents never quite got over that. Penny's first ever radio job was at a country station in Pueblo as the worst overnight jock in the universe. She has gratefully spent the majority of her 30+ years in radio working with country music, which possesses the nicest artists and BEST listeners!

Twitter: @pennyonair

Jennie Lane

Jennie’s been in radio since college, but didn’t start in country radio.  She fell in love with Country music after seeing Clint Black’s ‘We Tell Ourselves’ video.  She started watching CMT nonstop and not long after, got her first country jock job.  Some of her favorite artists right now, include Steel Magnolia, Band Perry and of course, Garth.

She’s married with an awesome pre-teen daughter.  She loves TV and her TiVo, almost abnormally so.  Some of her favorite shows include: Nurse Jackie, Modern Family, and The Middle.

Her favorite food: Pop Tarts.  And coffee. 

Roger Hobbs


Roger Hobbs is the voice of Carmi White County Bulldogs football, baseball and softball on 97.3 and He's been calling games on the radio stations for around 20 years.  He recently gave up basketball broadcasting duties so he could go back to the bench and do some more coaching.  A retired educator, Hobbs truly cares about the youth and making sure they get the recognition they deserve. While he's obviously a fan, listeners can count on Roger to remain unbiased in his calling of games, a characteristic that has even opposing team's fans singing his praises. With witty commentary and a focus on keeping listeners on top of the action, WRUL sports has an entertaining winner with Roger Hobbs. During football, Roger's assisted by Scott Rice, host of the Saturday Morning Sports Show. When he's not researching for the next game, Roger enjoys golfing, traveling and spending time with family.

Jason Craig

Carmi White County Bulldog and Lady Bulldog Basketball

Jason was an unknown commodity and quite a surprise when he took over the duties of play by play broadcasting for WRUL in 2013/2014.  Though he'd done some minor help with a few baseball/softball broadcasts, no one really knew what to expect and it would be fair to say station management was nervous.  Nervous because of Jason's default demeanor which is typically laid back and presumably oft quiet.  

Luckily, any shyness fades away quickly come game time and WRUL is lucky to have the talents of Jason Craig for Bulldog and Lady Bulldog basketball.  Jason has the game knowledge and the think on your feet improvisational skillset necessary for listeners to do more than follow the game, but feel like they're in the stands watching it.  For Bulldog matchups, Jason's teamed up with Chris Lucas.  Jason is also an educator at CWCHS giving him great insight with our area's youth and integral access in talking to the coaches.  Listeners quickly realize that benefit as well.

Scott & Todd Rice

Saturday Morning Sports Show

Scott and Todd Rice are co-hosts of the Saturday Morning Sports Show airing every Saturday late August through early March on 97.3 WRUL and online at at 9am.  The show is powered by White County Ford-Chrysler and driven by Rice Motors.  The guys recap last week's action, occasionally bring on guests, preview upcoming games and keep the region informed and entertained with regards to the local sports scene.  If you have a question or would like to suggest a topic, feel free to reach out to us via the Contact Us page and just choose "Saturday Morning Sports Show" from the list of possible recipients of your message.

Scott Mareing

Mornings on AM 1460 WROY

Scott, originally from the Alton area, has been on air with WROY for more than 30 years and has held down the morning show on 1460 for more than two decades now. From 6 - 10, Scott produces two newscasts, provides tons of entertainment information, community events, a thought for the day, celebrates birthdays with listeners, handles Swap Shop duties, the request hour and a whole lot more. In addition, Scott serves as a reporter for WROY and WRUL News, produces on location sports broadcasts and helps with engineer duties when the stations have transmitter issues or need maintenance. He's a humble guy with an affinity for ice cream, he does a heck of a Kermit impression and Scott loves St. Louis Cardinal baseball.

JJ McKay

JJ has been working in radio and television in a full or part-time capacity since 1977 when she graduated from Ohio University with a BSC in Radio/TV/Journalism.

JJ enjoys doing mobile DJ gigs since she can engage the crowd in a live atmosphere & see everyone smiling while having so much fun! She also loves spending time hanging out with her pets as well as hiking, alone or with her significant other.

Ted "The Bear" Richards

Time flies when you’re having fun on the radio. Ted’s favorite movie is Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman in “Unforgiven,” they’re the best, he says! He also likes “Saving Private Ryan” and he’ll be so happy when all of our troops are home. He was in the USAF for 4 years, saying it was a great experience.

Ted loves a good cup of coffee with toast and jelly.  He writes and reads just about every day, and Ted still enjoys catching a high school baseball game.

Jay Coffey

Jay’s more than 40 years radio career started with a deep passion for music as a teenager while playing his bass guitar in garage bands out west where he was born. His best friend is his wife, Janet, and his four-legged pals, Riley, Clara and Hobbes.

When Jay’s not having fun playing the greatest hits of all time he enjoys reading historical biographies, Italian cooking, any hot rod or car show he can find, and throwing the ball for Hobbes, his golden retriever.

Matt Schreifels

Matt's worked at the radio stations for 7+ years and has served in just about every on air capacity. There's nothing he can't do and that's why WROY/WRUL is so lucky to have...Matt Schreifels. He currently works part time as he's now pursuing a career in education.

Tammy Knight

Tammy's been working at WROY and WRUL for more than 30 years. She's the Office Manger, Traffic Director, Secretary/Bookkeeper and a lot more. Tammy updates many sections of, keeps every member of the staff organized, moving in the right direction and is quite possibly the single most important person at the radio station. She lives in Carmi, is married with two children (and a VERY special grandson).  She enjoys church, walking, The Amazing Race, crime investigation shows and most of all spending time with family and friends.

Jc Tinsley

With a decade under his belt at WROY and WRUL, Jc Tinsley (pictured here accepting the 2014 Small Business of the Year award) is the Station Manager and fills many different roles. From sales to production, on air to promotions, sports to website and social media administration, there's not much Jc hasn't done at some point in his career at the Tri State Boomer. A native of Woodlawn, Illinois, Jc's life has cut a tornadic path from Jefferson to White County.  He now lives in McLeansboro but admittedly spends most of his waking hours and life in Carmi. Jc's married with 3 kids and is the only male of the household (including the animals).  He has served as President of the Carmi Chamber of Commerce, President of the Carmi Kiwanis Club, volunteers as a member of The Guardian Center Marketing Committee and sits on the White County Fair board, all positions he was elected to or tapped to serve by his peers. To contact Tinsley whether you have questions, comments or concerns, dial 618.382.4161 or email