Carmi-White County Junior High Girls Track Results-Regional

May 2nd, 2014

The junior high girls track team placed second at the regional meet with a total of 97 points. 

Mt. Vernon/Casey took first place with 104 points.  State qualifiers were:  Janes Smith, Riah Davis(qualified in all 4 events), Lily Wenzel, Peyton Roedder, Shaelyn Perkins, Mayci Edwards, Kelsi Kessler (qualified in all four events), Olivia Bohleber, and Sydney Lucas.  State meet is at Carterville next Saturday.

Hurdles:  Davis 1st, Perkins 5th

400:  Bohleber 3rd

1600:  Dixon 5th

800 Relay: 2nd (Davis, Bohleber, Edwards, Kessler)

7th 100:  Kessler 1st, Wenzel 2nd

8th 100:  Smith 2nd, Roedder 6th

800:  Lucas 4th

200:  Davis 2nd, Wenzel 4th

400 Relay:  1st (Smith, Davis, Perkins, Roedder)

1600 Relay:  1st (Edwards, Lucas, Bohleber, Kessler)  time was 4:45