Carmi-White County 8th Grade Volleyball Captures Regional Title

Mar 21st, 2014

Carmi-White County 8th Grade Volleyball defeated West Frankfort in Thursday’s Regional Championship game.  The Lady Bullpups won the match in three sets, 25-17, 26-28, 15-8.   



Grace Biggerstaff had 12 pts with 6 aces

Peyton Roedder and Autumn Schneider both had 7 pts with 1 ace

Breona Owen had 6 pts

Abby Vaughan had 5 pts with 2 aces

Carrie Blankenberger had 2 pts with 1 ace




Peyton had 22 hits with 2 kills

Abby had 21 hits with 5 kills

Autumn had 13 hits with 4 kills

Grace had 10 hits with 1 kill

Shaelyn Perkins had 9 hits with 2 kills

EmmaJoy Gray had 6 hits with 2 kills




Grace had 43 sets with 6 assists

Shaelyn and Abby both had 5 sets with Abby having 1 assist

Peyton had 4 sets with 1 assist

EmmaJoy and Autumn had 3 sets with EJ having 2 assists and Autumn having 1 assist

Breona had 1 set




Grace and Carrie both had 5 digs, Breona had 4, Peyton had 3, Shaelyn... Autumn... And Abby all had 2 digs, and EmmaJoy had 1.

Carmi-White County improves to 17-4 on the year.  The Lady Bullpups will play March 29th at Pinckneyville.  Carmi faces the winner of the Region 5 Class L State Tournament.