These pets need homes

Visit this page often...we'll be featuring animals that need homes, information on fundraising opportunities and activities for you and your animals. In addition, we'll supply you here with more information made available via the efforts of local and regional pet agencies and organizations.

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Good Home Needed for dog

A really sweet dog was found near our home about 3 miles east of Dahlgren.  She is a 3 year old Pointer, all white with a brown ear.  We named her Baby and Baby needs a good permanent home.  Baby has all her shots (rabies, bordatella), has been checked for heartworm and is free of it.  She has had her monthly heartworm medicine.  She has been treated for all other worms, and ticks and fleas.  The vet pronounced her very healthy.  She is an extremely sweet natured, calm girl.  She gets along well with other dogs, cats, and all people.  Outside, she does not roam far from home or chase cars.  She behaves well on a leash and when riding in vehicles.  Inside, she exhibits good manners and is potty trained.  She has learned to "come".  She will make a great pet.  


We are Rich and Barb Harmon

618-308-0271 or 618-383-0374

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