Council Approves List of 19 Motor Fuel Tax Projects

Jun 17th, 2014

The Carmi City Council has approved a list of 19 motor fuel tax projects for 2014-2015.  The repairs are estimated at $431,000 and range from pavement removal and replacement to new culverts and riprap. 

High priority concerns include the intersection of 3rd and Shipley Streets, a bridge in the Sunnybrook Meadows subdivision, Plum Street ditch, and crumbling pavement near the high school on 7th Street.  A full list of projects can be found below.   

The city takes in approximately $10,000 per month in motor fuel tax monies.  Right now, the fund has $493,000. 

Alderwoman Sheila Headlee said a number of projects have gone by the wayside in recent years.  Once the city completes the critical infrastructure repairs, leaders will again allow the motor fuel tax fund to accumulate money.     

The projects will be put out for bid with a priority rating from the city.  Mayor Jeff Pollard said some of the jobs should be complete before school starts in August.    

301-403 Iris Lane (Pavement Removal and Replacement)-$114,514

Saunders Avenue (Pavement Removal and Replacement)-$17,825

Hillcrest Corner (Pavement Removal and Replacement, Grading and Shaping Ditches, Pipe Culverts)-$16,262

A Street (Surface Removal)-$12,906

601 Plum (Pavement Removal and Replacement)-$29,543

3rd and Shipley Streets (Pavement Removal and Replacement, Pipe Culvert, Storm Sewers, and Manholes)-$39,871

Abelson Drive (Pavement Removal and Replacement, Pipe Culvert Removal, Storm Sewers, Inlets)-$5,651

803 W. Kerney (Pavement Removal and Replacement, Pipe Culvert Removal, Pipe Culverts, Grading and Shaping Ditches)-$5,223.50

Sunnybrook (Stone dumped riprap, concrete wing-wall, reinforcement bars, expansion bolts)-$13,520

117-125 College Boulevard (Stone dumped riprap, concrete removal, curb removal, concrete sidewalk, inlets, surface removal)-$9,405.50

400 Block of Kerney (concrete sidewalk)-$6,060

509 Plum Street Ditch (concrete removal, stone dumped riprap)-$10,072

703 Smith Street-408 Eight Street (asphalt, course aggregate)-$728

Burris Street (prime coat, asphalt)-$10,052.50

Rosebud (prime coat, asphalt)-$15,608

1625 Sunnybrook (prime coat, asphalt)-$5,687

7th Street-Main to Herbert (tree removal, prime coat, asphalt, temporary ramp, concrete sidewalk, curb wall, detectable warnings, paint pavement marking, pavement placement)-$73,286

Alley between Crebs Street-Herbert Street (prime coat, and asphalt surface)-$10,578.50

Lagoon Road (prime coat and asphalt)-$35,575