Ground Work Underway for L & L New Building

Jul 11th, 2014

Ground work has begun for L & L Industrial Supply’s new building. 

In June, the Carmi City Council voted to convey a five acre tract of land at the east Industrial Park.  Owner Jack Leithliter said a 15,000 square foot building was planned. 

He thought formal construction would begin at the end of July with six weeks of build time for the shell and six weeks for the interior.  Leithliter hopes the company can relocate to the new building by the end of October.  


L & L is using local contractors for the construction.  The company will sell its existing property on Airport Road. 

L & L will receive a $120,000 loan from the city’s revolving loan fund.  The city still owns approximately 6 acres at the east Industrial Park.  The land is near Trelleborg off IL Route 1.