Dillman Family Offers $20,000 Towards Revitalization of Pond at Burrell's Woods

Apr 22nd, 2014

(Carmi)-The family of Gregory Dillman has offered $20,000 towards the revitalization of the pond at Burrell’s Woods.  Since Dillman’s passing in January, the family has been considering options to honor his memory. 

The beautification project at the pond landed at the top of the list.  The family described Gregory as an outdoorsman who loved to fish. 

“We believe this project would have made him happy,” the letter stated.   

“Gregory’s friends and family all have found memories of the park: attending a cookout, sledding in the winter, jumping in the leaves of fall, or hunting Easter eggs as children.  The park has been a positive influence on many adults and children in our community.” 

The Dillman family has offered $20,000 toward the excavating, restocking, and beautification of the pond.  In return, they would like to place a monument by the water and rename the pond as the Gregory W. Dillman Memorial Pond at Burrell’s Woods. 

“Although we have yet to decide on the exact design of the monument, it would most likely be a combination of a marble base, bronze tablet, and his bronze cowboy boots.  If the city council accepts our offer, we would then have a vested interest in this project.  We would be willing to establish an additional fund to help with the continued beautification and restocking of the pond.” 

The donation will be placed on the next council meeting agenda for consideration.  Mayor Jeff Pollard said the city could use the additional funds to pay for the existing project.  Or the council could opt to expand the pond and make it deeper. 

The city would have to demolish the pavilion on the north side to facilitate the pond expansion.  To date the council has approved $14,500 for the beautification of the pond.